I Will Recompense Back to You Everything Due to You

by Creflo Dollar | 2 Oct 2016


(Tongues) “Don’t you ever think that I have forgotten all that you’ve experienced, for I am Lord your God, and I will never forget all that must be recompensed back unto you. I knew that this day would come, a day of you recognizing that your deliverance from shame has already been provided. I’ve placed it on my servant’s heart to begin to minister these things unto thee. I did so, so that you can be set free. We’re about to move in a time together,’ sayeth the Lord, ‘where you need to know that you believe in all that I have said. And if you’ll do so, then everything that you’ll see, you won’t have to walk in dread, for I am your mighty God, and I will never let you down. For in these hours, I will lift you up, and will restore all unto you that is due to you,’ sayeth the Lord, ‘for I’ll be in debt to no man. So, hearken unto these words that you have heard today, and let not your attitude or your mind begin to sway, for I am coming to you in this way of might and glory that you will know today in these hours that I have surely equipped you with Holy Ghost power. So rise up in confidence of who you are in Me, and let’s walk together and let’s preach together, and let’s cause other people to go free,’ sayeth the Spirit of the Lord. Amen.” (Tongues)

- Prophecy delivered by
Creflo A. Dollar
Sunday, October, 2, 2016
World Changers Church ATL