Rejoice and Be Glad, for I Will Restore All That the Enemy Took from You

by Creflo Dollar | 2 Jul 2017

(Tongues) “‘If you only knew the season and the times that you’re presently in today. For these are times that have been prophesied, and the devil tried to shoo it away. But, oh, the time has come, and the season is at hand. For I, the Lord thy God, am about to bless and to pour out into this man, pour out power and wisdom, and insight beyond what you’ve ever seen. For now, together, we’re going to flow. And we’re going to cause things to move in our spirits, and then we’ll cause these other things to show up in this earth realm. Oh, rejoice and be glad! You made it!’ sayeth the Lord, ‘without being dominated by being sad. Oh, rejoice and be glad for the things that are about to show up and lead you, at last, at last, at last. For I am about to stand up strong in you and to restore everything that has been taken from you, for I will be known in these days as the great God of restoration in all My ways. For when the enemy thought that he won and the battle was lost to you, I’m going to bring everything back just to show you how it feels to make it through. So prepare yourselves, enjoy, and laugh as often as you can, because the enemy that tried to stop you, he’s been whipped and defeated again,’ sayeth the Lord.”