Walk with Me, and I Will Take Care of You

by Creflo Dollar | 31 Dec 2015

“Do not forget that My plans for you have always been good. For I have desired to cause restoration in every area of your life, but you didn’t know to receive it. Now, don’t be afraid of the announcement that is to come within the next two months,” sayeth the Lord. “Remind yourself that you are in My hands. And I will take care of you. Don’t walk in fear of those things that are happening around you, for I am your friend,” sayeth the Lord. “I am your friend in covenant,” sayeth God. “And when you see many things happening around you, know and remember that My angels are encamped around you to protect you, and you will not be in need or lack. For did not My servant declare, ‘I have never seen the righteous forsaken, nor the seed begging bread’? So prepare yourself indeed, for I’ll take care of all of your needs. As you begin to rejoice forevermore, then I’ll begin to show you those things that will take you from one level of glory to the next level of glory. And we will walk together in this year, as I’ve always desired, for I’ll cause you to walk on your circumstances and on your situations, if you’ll not forget that it is My love, and it is My grace, that will cause these things to be so, for I am your God. I am your Lord, but I am your friend, so don’t forget it, just let Me in. Don’t fear or doubt, but live your days with a joyful shout, and begin to rejoice and know that I am the Lord your God, and Satan has to go! So be in a place of great thankfulness and appreciation for the day, in every situation I’ll show you the way,” sayeth the Spirit of the living God.     

- Prophecy delivered by
Creflo A. Dollar
Thursday, Dec, 31, 2015
Time: 8:00 PM
World Changers Church International