You Will Rejoice at What I Am About to Show You

by Creflo Dollar | 20 Dec 2017

(Tongues) "Many things have I hid from thee, but in this upcoming season it is My will for you to see. The awesomeness and the power of My great love for you, and all of the things that have hindered you, I will bring you through. So these will be times of great rejoicing, and all you’ll be able to remind yourself of and be able to say is that the Lord did it for me. The Lord did it for me this day. And so with all that I am about to reveal and open up for you, and all the things that you thought you would never make it through, I am reminded of My Word and all of the promises to thee, and a glorious harvest you will see. So walk in comfort and confidence, and in peace. Walk knowing that all that I have promised will be released, and be with a watchful eye with praise and adoration for Me. I haven’t forgotten thee,’ sayeth the Lord. ‘I haven’t forgotten thee. My grace will work for you even when you make a mistake,’ sayeth the Lord.”