Faith and the Gospel (Part 4)

by Creflo Dollar | 13 Oct 2021


When we hit the inevitable turbulence on our Christian walk, it is essential that we trust in what Jesus has told us in His Word. Our belief in Him is our lifeline; faith sees through the storms in our lives to the victory on the other side. God’s grace has already provided everything we need independent of our efforts and prior to our need. Our faith allows us to lay hold of it. He gave all of us the same measure of faith; the key to seeing results is not asking for more of it but utilizing what we already have without doubting. Satan knows how powerful faith is, which is why he tries to introduce doubt to stop our faith from working. Our job is to consistently work our faith with patience and endurance until we physically see the harvest we are believing for. Being steadfast in moving forward regardless of what happens, and never letting anything shut down our faith, is how we mature spiritually.

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