Get Out of the Boat (Part 2)

by Taffi Dollar | 29 Jul 2020


Having the courage to respond to God’s call requires a willingness to exercise our faith. When Jesus called Peter to get out of the boat and walk on water, Peter obeyed, although he could never had done so in the natural. Like Peter, we can do supernatural things when we are willing to leave behind the familiar and the comfortable, and move toward the unknown. Living the kind of life God wants for us is not for the spectator, but for the person who trusts Him enough to get involved in His plan for their lives. To free ourselves from others’ opinions and live outside the box, we cannot be afraid of change; instead, we must embrace it. God is a big God with no limitations, and He wants to do something different that exceeds our expectations. We allow Him to do this when we rely on Him to lead us forward.

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