Seek First the Kingdom

by Creflo Dollar | 27 Jan 2020


Many people seek money as a means to an end, but the Biblical view of money is the exact opposite of what we are taught in the world. The Scriptures teach us that we should keep our eyes on God, and not on wealth. In this way we realize that He is the sole source of our supply. It may be a challenge training our minds to think this way, but through practice we can learn how. God knows we need money, and He promises to bless us with all that we need. But we must keep our priorities in order, and seek Him first. When we do this, the blessings will follow.

  1. What we choose to focus on can either result in blessings or curses.
    1. When we fix our spiritual eyes on God, we step into the light and we are filled by it. But if we focus on money instead of Him, we are filled with darkness (Matthew 6:22, 23).
      1. We should focus on God as the single source of everything we do.
      2. We cannot focus on Him when we think we are responsible for our blessings in life.
    2. Individuals who try to get rich quick are no longer focusing on God (Proverbs 28:22).
      1. They fear poverty, but the very thing they fear the most is what will come to pass.
    3. Strongholds exist in the mind. We need to capture fleeting thoughts that pop up in our mind that are contrary to God’s Word, and cast them out (2 Corinthians 10:4, 5).
      1. We can train our minds to remember that God is the source of our supply.
      2. We cannot divide our hearts by depending on ourselves for some things while depending on God for other things. Doing so splits the single vision we need to focus on God.
      3. The manifestations of everything He has for us are all by grace, through faith.
  1. We need to keep money in its proper perspective.
    1. We should not chase after material things such as money. When we seek God first, money and blessings will come to us (Matthew 6:33).
    2. How we think about money makes a difference in our hearts.
      1. We are whatever we think in our hearts (Proverbs 23:7).
    3. To change our lives, we need to change the way we think (Romans 12:1-4).
      1. We must be willing to change our minds to align with the Word.
      2. The correct perspective concerning employment is we work not to get things for ourselves, but to have what is needed to give to others.
  1. The Bible has clear guidelines about work and money.
    1. We are commanded to have gainful employment (2 Thessalonians 3:10).
      1. Working is good, but work alone will not prosper us. God will prosper us if we receive that prosperity by faith in grace.
    2. In God’s eyes, working and being productive is good (Ephesians 4:28).
    3. Money is just a tool to establish things in our future, and using the 80/10/10 rule helps us do that.
      1. This rule states that we keep 80 percent, tithe 10 percent, and save 10 percent for the future.
      2. Some people go overboard and want to give away all their money, but God wants us to have plenty left over after giving.
    1. What it boils down to is whether or not we trust God and His promises to us.
      1. He promises that if we trust Him enough to give of the first fruits of our labor, He will return much more (Luke 6:38).
        1. Trusting God opens the door to the abundant blessings He has already set aside for us.
        2. He does not need our money, but He does need our trust in order to operate in our lives.
        3. Prosperity is not about the stuff we collect. It is about what is flowing through us that is from God.
      2. In the Old Testament, Abram had to trust God enough to leave his home, his family, and everything he knew (Genesis 12:1, 2).
        1. God promised Abram that He would bless him so that he could bless others.
      3. Joseph was prosperous and successful because God was with him (Genesis 39:2, AMP).
        1. God’s blessing flowed through Joseph onto Potiphar’s house where he worked, onto the jail where he was later imprisoned, and throughout all Egypt after he was named as a ruler.
        2. There was plenty of prosperity left over for Joseph and his family.
      4. God’s grace is for the purpose of every good work toward others (2 Corinthians 9:8, AMP).
        1. When God blesses us, the increase is so that we will have the resources to make charitable donations and do good things for those around us.
      5. Giving honors God. It helps us realize that we can trust Him above all else, in all things. It convinces us we can trust Him enough to give our substance (Proverbs 3:9,10).
        1. God honors our trust with abundant blessings.

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