Your Mighty Weapon of Warfare

by Creflo Dollar | 3 Jun 2015


When we are fighting spiritual battles, we should hold fast and never forget the lessons we learn from studying the Scriptures. One of the most important lessons is that we need the Holy Spirit in our lives, and the gift of praying in tongues that He gives us. This type of prayer allows us to talk to God about secret truths unknown to our minds, and it allows Him to make blessings in our lives come to pass. Another gift from Him is the power of our imagination to make whatever we visualize and pray about, a physical reality. Regardless of what others may think or say, when we combine the imagination God gave us with faith, there is no stopping the eventual manifestation of our dreams.

A. Much of the battle takes place in our minds, and God supplies us with what we need to succeed.
  1. We must pay close attention to what we learn from the Scriptures, lest we forget any important point and stumble in our Christian walk (Hebrews 2:1, AMP).
  2. We are fighting a spiritual war and we need the weapons God supplies (2 Corinthians 10:3-5).
    1. These weapons will pull down strongholds in our minds that exalt themselves against the knowledge of God.
  3. In the Old Testament, the people visualized a great tower that would rise to the heavens, and God came down to see it for Himself (Genesis 11:1-6).
    1. Even though they had not completed the tower, they visualized it in their mind’s eye and in the eyes of their hearts.
    2. Their imaginations removed any limits they may have had.
B. God has a vision of victory and success for us.
  1. We are to study the Word and think about it constantly, applying its teachings to our lives. This will lead to our success and prosperity (Joshua 1:8).
    1. Imagination starts with meditating on the Word of God until we begin to focus on a clear picture in our mind.
  2. When we delight in meditating on the Word, we become like a tree planted by water (Psalm 1:2, 3).
    1. Just like a plant clipping develops a root structure when it constantly stays in water, we will take root and grow spiritually when we are constantly sustained by the living water of the Gospel.
    2. No weapon will succeed against us. Anyone speaking against us in judgment will be proven wrong. We have peace and victory as our heritage (Isaiah 54:17, AMP).
      1. Words are powerful. Negative words used against us should be captured and condemned.

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