Looking Through The Lens of Grace

27 September 2019


A proper understanding of the Scriptures establishes truth in our lives; we gain this understanding by correctly analyzing and rightly dividing the Word of truth. The claim that the Bible contradicts itself does not hold up when we understand that the old covenant of the Law of Moses gave way to the new covenant of grace when Jesus, Himself, ended the law. The quality of our Christian lives depends on our acknowledgement of this. Grace is the truth that sets us free; therefore, we cannot simply read the Bible through the lens of the law and declare that “the truth that will make you free” is the entire Bible. What was true for God’s people under the law is different from what is true for God’s people under grace. If we base our thinking on worldly traditions instead of on Jesus Christ, we can get trapped in a mindset that contradicts the truth of God’s grace. Faith in what Jesus did for us liberates us from ceaseless striving and changes our lives.

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