Looking Through the Lens of Grace Pt. 6

2 October 2019


There is a clear contrast between the law by Moses and grace by Jesus Christ; we will get confused if we cannot reconcile these two covenants. One of the most significant contrasts is the difference between sin and sinning. The Book of Romans discusses this topic, and illustrates how living under grace frees us from living under the law. Misunderstanding Paul’s message fools us into thinking that being born again frees us from the act of sinning, instead of from our old, sinful natures. Using the word “sin” as a verb gives it a different meaning than using it as a noun. When we get born again and die to our old, sinful selves, we are indeed free from sin; however, because God has given us freedom of choice, we can choose for ourselves whether or not to keep sinning. Allowing the Holy Spirit to lead us and minister the covenant of grace to us reveals the true depth of our freedom in Jesus.

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