Project Angel Tree 2021 Recap

by CDM Staff | 18 Jan 2022

Last month, World Changers Church International continued it’s annual Christmas tradition of reaching out to the community. Not only did we bring back Project Angel Tree, but we also held a Christmas Fun Event for the children of WCCI and the surrounding area. WCCI members were encouraged to Bless a Child for Christmas by visiting the virtual Angel Tree and choosing a featured child to purchase Christmas gifts for. Children’s Ministry and Teen’s Ministry staff selected children and teens in need to ensure this Christmas would be a merry one for them. In place of the traditional Christmas tree positioned in the World Dome lobby, the Creflo Dollar Global Missions website hosted the children’s names and wish lists. Members and friends of the ministry logged on, chose a child and viewed their wishlist, then purchased the presents! The gifts were sent directly to the WCCI College Park campus, and all of the children picked up their gifts from the church.

According to Minister Ken Terry, Director of WCCI Ministry Affairs and Outreach, “We organized this for the purpose of being a blessing to the families and children. During the Christmas season, people give. It’s just that season, but we go deeper. It’s about Jesus. It’s about exemplifying the love of God and showing others that we care. It’s about helping those that might not be as blessed, but we can be a blessing to them. That’s what the Christmas season is all about. The ‘Christmas season’ is something that was created commercially, but it’s always been about Jesus, and Jesus was always about giving.”

Pastor Ken went on to say, “We have this event annually, and annually we look forward to seeing the look on people’s faces and the joy that’s in their eyes. We look forward to seeing kids being kids, the little ones and the big ones. This event brings my heart back to the place, the basis of all Christians, which is giving. Trying to make something better for someone else, showing and exposing the goodness of God so people can see that God is a good God. Hopefully this event has been a blessing to other people, as well!”

Immediately before the gifts were distributed to the selected children, their families, as well as families from the WCCI and surrounding community, made new holiday memories at our Christmas Fun Event. Darien Tilmon was our on-site surprise Santa this year. He has been coming out every year since 2014 and said that he absolutely loves it. “Bringing joy to everybody and putting a smile on their face helps me to do it at my house!”

WCCI volunteers ensured attendees had plenty of activities from which to choose. There was air hockey, foosball, and skee ball. Those with skills could hoop it up with the basketball arcade game. It began to look a lot like Christmas when kids of all ages showed off their creativity by decorating gingerbread houses with frosting, sprinkles, and candies. There was even a cookie decorating station! No one could deny the magical feeling of Christmas with the festive holiday décor, a plethora of ugly Christmas sweaters, balloon art, and Santa’s holiday bubbles in the air. There was even a Christmas train outside!

Jorry and Messiah Taylor were first-time Christmas Event attendees, but not new to WCCI. They loved celebrating the holiday and experiencing the spirit of Jesus at the event. “Please come out and volunteer!” she said, “Pastors Creflo and Taffi Dollar, I am so thankful that the Lord brought you into our lives because you have made such a difference by teaching the Word of God for us to apply in our daily lives.” Toko Gage and her husband, new WCCI members, attended the event for the very first time. She said, “This was a very nice precursor to the holiday experience.” Their daughter and granddaughter were in town visiting, so they brought them to this event; it was a hit with their household! Donald Lemon, a pre-teen attendee, wished everyone a Merry Christmas. He was glad to gather because COVID-19 prevented the event from happening last year.

WCCI extends a heartfelt thank you to every member, partner, and volunteer for being the angels of Project Angel  and helping us to bless children for Christmas this year. It is always a blessing to impact a child’s life during the holiday season. Proverbs 22:6, ESV, says, “Train up a child in the way he should go; even when he is old he will not depart from it.” Because of your hearts of service, we make a considerable impact by showing love to young people so that they can replicate it in their own lives and become a blessing to others. When they are old, they’ll still have the giving hearts of service we’ve invested in them. We are a village; we are a family; we are World Changers!