Your testimonials

A couple months I contacted you regarding my sister-in-law having stage four cancer I’m telling you today last week she went to the doctor and she is cancer free. Oh but God .He is amazing thank you,

- Ruth Davis
[United States]

God through you has changed me - I was on the verge on suicide - just one message the night I was going to kill myself from your mouth made me stop and listen and since then I have been reborn,

- Sharon Kent
[United States]

I just want to thank God for Creflo Dollar. I grew up in false religion full of legalism and religiosity. For about 20 years. I now can say I am free of all those beliefs, I am in love with my creator,

- Maria Corriveau
[United States]

I would like to give God the praise. In 2019 Dr Dollar spoke a word to me about owning properties. Today by God's grace I now own property and still counting for more🙏 🙌,

- Mathapelo Mbambisa
[South Africa]

thank you for your teachings. they continue to liberate us from incorrectly trying to relate with God based on our performance, but rather to relate to Him on the basis of Christ and grace. God bless.,

- Farai Chazuza

Good morning,
I’m excited to share God has blessed me in the middle of a pandemic. I have been looking for a new home for over 10 years & I got it. The morning confessions has been life changing.,

- Vallynn Rogers
[United States]

My father was admitted to hospital with covid-19 on 2 August in very poor condition. 12 days later, after much prayer, he was released having made a rapid recovery. Thank you for joining us in prayer.,

- Amilcar Masilomangwe

My husband was in the hospital for 6 months awaiting a heart and a kidney! I contacted your ministry for prayer on behalf of my husband. My husband received his organs, he is home doing great!!!!,

- Jacquetta Harrison
[United States]

I thank God for your podcasts. I feel my soul has been transformed. I am a better person and this is manifested in my day to day activities. I praise God.,

- Patricia Henderson
[United Kingdom]