Relationship-Focused Outreach in South Africa

by CDM Staff | 18 Apr 2022

The Creflo Dollar Ministries-South Africa office consists of six versatile team members who work with regional pastors, donors, and partners. As an extension of Creflo Dollar Ministries, the team works on CDM office projects and initiatives and always puts an emphasis on relationships. Before the pandemic, this dynamic team developed relationships with partners, and their office served as a bookshop and prayer center. The pandemic accelerated the work they were already doing, and they were able to successfully implement new ideas that God brought to them. We recently spoke with two team members, Leilani Myburgh, Office Director, and Sharon Myles, a municipal representative in the Partner Relations Department, for insight on CDM-South Africa.


Leilani’s Story

Leilani shared her personal story of how she was impacted by the teachings of Creflo Dollar before teaming up with CDM-South Africa. She first began consistently watching the Changing Your World broadcast, and the teachings transformed her life. “Back then, the broadcast was 15 minutes, and you’d hold on to that 15 minutes as if it was gold; Dr. Dollar’s message was really ministering to me. I didn't realize how broken I was at that point with negative emotions controlling me. I would identify with so many things that he talked about. It really transformed my life to know that there is actually a light at the end of the tunnel. I don't have to sit and deal with negative emotions or allow the enemy to defeat me.” After this, she applied for a CDM-South Africa job posting that she noticed and was hired. It’s been a blessing to work for the ministry that helped with her personal healing because, at the point that she was broken, “the message of grace really restored” her.


The Work

Over the past two years, CDM-South Africa has adjusted to the times as team members worked from home due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Office operations shifted, and it became more challenging to connect with the walk-ins that used to visit the office for prayer or to purchase products in the bookshop. As they felt the disconnect, the team began to conduct virtual meetings, virtual prayers, and make appointments when it became necessary for people to come to the office. They believed that this season was not the time to hold off contact with partners, but a time to unify and become a place of effectiveness. The CDM-South Africa team asked, “Who are we praying for and who are we reaching?” Suddenly the team started speaking to hospitals and police stations from all over the region. The mindset shifted, and it was no longer about donors and partners; it was about people knowing that Creflo Dollar Ministries cares. “We want people to let others know that Dr. Dollar is here. He’s active. South Africa, Dr. Dollar has heard your voice!” said Leilani.

As a result of shifting the focus to building people, many, including essential workers, began to call in with testimonies of what God was doing. “If we speak, love, and encourage people, God blesses the work of our hands. South Africa loves Dr. Dollar and Pastor Taffi. We understand that if we represent the ministry well and build relationships in integrity and character, God will bless it. The exciting thing about it is that it’s not a chore,” said Sharon. It is the heart of CDM-South Africa for people to know that there’s a ministry with a voice of righteousness in their country. That ministry is Creflo Dollar Ministries. CDM-South Africa strives to maximize Creflo Dollar’s vision for the office and run with it. For example, the team decided on two types of projects over the last year to implement the vision. The first project was to connect with state hospitals, police stations, clinics, and elderly homes for needed initiatives. The second project was to work with daycare centers, women’s shelters, and schools to meet needs. Both projects had two or three initiatives quarterly to keep up with the growing needs of people hungry for the message of grace.


COVID Response

COVID-19 increased people’s desire to be valued and loved, and amplified their need for God. The CDM-South Africa team wanted to be at the forefront of showing people love and being the hands and feet of Jesus for those that needed Him. For instance, they continued their calls to partners on their birthdays and often heard, “You are the only person who called me today” or “You are the only ministry that calls me on my birthday.” They encouraged and reminded South Africans to watch Creflo Dollar’s online daily confessions, making the videos available on their social media and YouTube accounts to let people know they can speak the Word over their circumstances and situations. The ministry worked hard to support physical needs as well, and supplied food to hospitals when possible. COVID-19 prompted many changes, but this time allowed CDM-South Africa to have a voice where they had none before. In addition to police stations, elderly homes, and shelters, the ministry worked with the South African National Defense Force, and soon after, military bases, farms, and universities were reaching out for support with spiritual needs. The ministry found that there were a lot of spiritual needs concerning fear, healing, marriage restoration, children, and employment across the board as many South Africans experienced COVID-related job or family loss.

CDM-South Africa accelerated its mission in this time of need. It became a quick on-the-ground resource for prayer, aid, and support in local communities. They started a time of prayer at one police station that grew across the region. That station referred the team to another police station for prayer and they referred them to another station and so on until the six-member team prayed twice per week for 34 hospitals, 24 police stations, and several health clinics and hospitals. Prisons began requesting DVD materials, and the ministry happily provided them to minister to souls hungry for Jesus. They received an overwhelming response in feedback with images and testimonies of inmates watching sermons on grace and encouragement. With support from Taffi Dollar, the South Africa office began supporting a local women’s shelter seven years ago. The needs of women passing through the shelter rose tremendously during the pandemic due to gender-based violence. The shelter flooded with up to 30 ladies and up to 10 children in need of food and other basic necessities at any given time during the pandemic. The team continued their support of the shelter with both physical and spiritual resources.

The tenacity of CDM-South Africa proves that it only takes a few willing hearts committed to being the hands and feet of Jesus to make a difference in the lives of others. It would have been easy to shut down, become virtual, and retreat in the pandemic, however, this team became a front-runner in giving communities across southern Africa a glimmer of hope in Christ during this dark period of uncertainty. CDM-South Africa helps fulfill the ministry’s mission of Understanding Grace and Empowering Change across the globe. The message of grace really changes people’s lives. CDM-South Africa’s team may be small in numbers, but their impact as World Changers is significant. Come back next month for Part Two as we hear Sharon’s personal story and understand the work of the partner relations team and the other outreach happening at CDM-South Africa.