Do Not Be Afraid: I Am Near, and I Am Your God

by Creflo Dollar | 4 Nov 2018

(Speaking and singing in tongues) “‘Oh, I’ve not called you to be moved by the things that you see, nor have I called you to be governed by the things that you hear. For in every situation, I am your God, and I’m always going to be near. So, in these days that you’re about to see, don’t allow dis-easement to enter in and be. For I will never leave you, and I said this, and I meant it. For the things that are to come, I already knew about them,’ saith the Lord. ‘And I’ve already prepared you and set you in place for all of it. So, this is not to be confused or to fret or be afraid. For what will come out of you will cause the enemy to be dismayed. So, in these times that are about to approach you, please understand that I, by My Spirit, will bring you through. And so, don’t be moved by financial issues that are to come, for I am the Lord your God. I am the source of all that you do. I will begin to lead and to guide you, like I said, all the way through. And so, you don’t have to camp out in the midst of your trouble, for I already told you that it will come. But remember the power of the Holy Spirit, and just begin to rejoice and understand that I am the Lord your God. So, begin to invoke praise, and begin to worship Me for who I am. And in the midst of all of the things that appear, those things won’t cause you to lose your sleep, because you know that I’m near. So, these are victorious times in the body of Christ. For all of the scenarios that many have said, and many have put forth, I’m about to prove those things to be false. For I am your God; don’t forget it. I am working through you. I am working in you. And oh, we’ll take this journey together. But this is what I want you to know: victory, victory, victory, victory, victory!’ saith the Spirit of the Lord. In Jesus’ name. Hallelujah!”