My Presence Will Be With You

by Creflo Dollar | 25 Jun 2017

‘“For this that you sense now is about to increase upon you. The presence of My glory will visit you. And all that you thought was doomed, damned, and disgraced, know, My child, that I have you in My marvelous grace. Hold on to Me and behold My Son, and I promise you every blessing I’ll pour upon thee, and wickedness will soon be none. So rejoice and be forever glad. I’m about to remove all the sad, and I’m about to replace it with ease, and you’ll find all of that on your knees. So seek Me like you haven’t in a while. I’ve always been there; I’m the one that gave you the smile. So let’s move on down the road together, and I’ll make your burdens as light as a feather. For these are gracious times, and I’m about to flood your soul with peace. These are gracious times where no longer your thoughts will just be on what you need. But in this place of My presence is where we will abide, and the glorious wonders of My grace in your face will surely shine. So surely it’s the time to rejoice without wondering, ‘Is there something to rejoice for?’ Just do it by faith. Rejoice again, and see me as the first love in all the things that you get in. I’ve got you and I won’t leave you, and this I say is true. For no matter what situation you find yourself in, oh yes, I’m the one who will bring you through,’ sayeth the Spirit of the Living God.”

- Prophecy delivered by
Creflo A. Dollar
June, 25, 2017
World Changers Church