Remember What I Have Told You, and Get Ready for More

by Creflo Dollar | 10 Feb 2019

(Tongues) “Hold on to what you’ve heard this day, and be prepared for the other things, to you I’ll say. For I have brought you to this level and to this place today to understand all of the marvelous things that will come your way. So now, as you prepare yourself and just settle into My presence, in this time, all of your burdens and trouble, I’ll take hold of it, it’ll be fine. For there’s no thing that you’re going through or have experienced that’s a problem to Me. You might as well rejoice for the glory you’re about to see. For the position that you are in, in life today, don’t let that bother you and cause you to be moved away from My presence, My love, and the promises that I’ve made to you. Don’t fear. Don’t be afraid. Know with surety I have already seen you through. Rejoice! Be glad!” (Tongues) “Now your call, and those things that I have placed on the inside of you, I’m about to stir them up. And they’ll come through and be a blessing to many, especially those who are in need of it. So don’t back up and say, ‘Well, I must have missed it that time.’ No, remember, you’re My sons and daughters, you’re mine. And on the inside of each of you I have placed a gift, and now you’re living in the season where I’m going to cause a great shift. So be exceedingly grateful for where you are now. I haven’t forgotten the anointing, the graces, and the gifts that I’m about to bring out. So in these days, don’t fear what you hear, don’t be moved by the narratives, and don’t be deceived by the lies that are reported as truth.” (Tongues) “I’m going to speak to you, and I’m going to show you, and you’re going to see things and understand. And what I’m about to do, it’s not going to take a long time. For if you will spend this time with Me and develop intimately, then by the end of February, you shall come to see.”