Five Conditions of a Worthy Walk (Part 2)

by Creflo Dollar | 11 Dec 2023


Understanding how deeply God’s grace impacts our lives frees us from toiling in self-effort to please Him. In a world where most people work hard to earn God’s blessings, all we need to do is to accept and believe in His finished works. We have already been blessed and accepted as members of God’s royal family; those things happened automatically when we got born again. He has given us undeserved gifts because we are—and always will be—His beloved children, regardless of what we do. The knowledge that we have been cleansed of all sin and made righteous in God’s eyes changes our motives from fear of punishment to a desire to do what pleases Him. This enables us to walk as God’s sons and daughters, which is now our true identity. Faith in what Jesus did for us on the cross enables us to bring our earthly walk increasingly in tune with God’s will for us.

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