Godly Living Obtained by the Power of God (Part 2)

by Creflo Dollar | 19 Jun 2024


It is impossible to live in a way that pleases God without yielding to Him as instruments for Him to use; godly living is a result of submitting to and trusting Him. Although salvation is of God, it is specifically through Jesus Christ. Our own efforts to be good and to do the morally right things, independent from Jesus, will not succeed. Placing our faith in Him does not take away the problems we encounter in life, but does allow Him to deliver us and give us victory over them. We cannot overcome the evil we encounter in the world—and in ourselves—through self-effort, but only through Christ, who lives inside every born-again believer. Jesus sent us the Holy Spirit; depending on Him is the key to experiencing success in life. Relying on the Spirit when we feel our old sinful natures trying to re-assert themselves is how we live godly lives..

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