Maintaining Your Righteous Stance (Part 2)

by Creflo Dollar | 3 May 2024


The coming year will be a pivotal point for Christians; the changes it will bring include a split within the church in which people fall away from the faith and their love grows cold. There will be plenty of slander, conflict, and offense, and people will compromise their values; however, we’ll recover from that. Globally, governments will team up and become allies in preparation for the anti-Christ, whose mission it will be to destroy God’s church; on a personal level, there will be a vicious attack on our souls, in which the devil will try to get us to question our righteousness in Christ. He’ll use shame, guilt, and condemnation over our past mistakes and sins to accomplish this. However, our identity is based not on what we do, but on what Jesus did; standing firm on this in the midst of Satan’s attacks keeps us spiritually safe.

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