The Conditions for Acceptable Good Works

by Creflo Dollar | 12 Jan 2024


We live surrounded by people who do good works simply for the sake of doing good. Technically, there is nothing wrong with service to others; however, a deeper look will reveal the true motives behind their actions. Although serving and working for God is fine, it is useless if our motivation for doing so is to earn His favor or to fulfill some kind of duty or obligation to Him. God prefers for us to have love and devotion for Him, first; the good works He wants to see will come out of those motives. We do not have to do good works to “pay Him back,” as if we were in debt to Him for showing us favor; realizing that Jesus paid our debts and cleared away our sins when He died on the cross because of His love for us changes the reasons for what we do. Motivations based in anything other than love are unacceptable to God. Faith in His love for us always keeps our motives pure.

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