The Connection between Grace and Resisting the Devil

by Creflo Dollar | 18 Jan 2024


Christians are fighting a spiritual battle against Satan, who focuses regular attacks against our minds and emotions. However, Jesus has already defeated him on our behalf; we therefore fight from a place of victory by maintaining our stance as winners. One of the most effective ways we win is to completely depend on Jesus instead of on ourselves; this indicates humility and trust in Him. The last thing the devil wants is for us to know that a spiritual battle is even being waged for control of our thoughts; he therefore uses every trick he can to deceive us into thinking there is no God, no devil, no heaven, and no hell. How we think determines whether we win or lose the fight. Wrong-thinking allows the enemy access into our lives; right-thinking reinforces our minds against his lies and suggestions. Keeping a close watch over our thought lives and letting the Word of God influence how we think keeps the enemy where he belongs— under our feet.

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