The Truth About God’s Ways

by Creflo Dollar | 1 Apr 2024


There is a huge difference in the way God operates and the way mankind operates. Unlike us, He thinks and works on a much higher level than we are capable of. God blesses us not because we are good, but because He is good; the grace He shows us is not based on what we do, but on what He has done through Jesus Christ. By contrast, man’s ways focus on the mindset that says whatever happens, good or bad, is the result of his own conduct; natural man therefore thinks that he must contribute something to earn God’s favor. Our faith is critical here; if we doubt that Jesus forgave us of our sins when He went to the cross, then we will not believe that His plans for our future are good. God punished Jesus for our sins, and therefore does not punish us. Believing this gives us a peaceful conscience..

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