World Changers Church International to Host Cause Effect Conference – July 23-25 in Atlanta

Landmark conference seeks to empower youth, adults, youth leaders and pastors

ATLANTA, GA—July 26, 2015 – World Changers Church International will host a new kind of conference at its College Park, Georgia campus from July 23-25, 2015. Primarily focused on youth and young adults but open to all, the 2015 World Changers Conference will address the challenges of living the Christian life in a fast-paced, chaotic world. A world class lineup of speakers, artists and performers will explore the connection between Cause and Effect in response to the question, “How do the decisions I make day to day affect my life and my prospects for success?’ In addition to the meeting hosts, Creflo and Taffi Dollar, speakers will include Kyle Self, Anthony Adams and Alyssa Worrell, three of the most powerful voices in teen and young adult ministry today. Attendees can expect to explore the linkage in life between Cause and Effect, and how the Word of God can enable us to make a quality decision that will bring about good results, every time.

The conference will be held in the World Changers Youth Experience Building on the campus of World Changers Church International, 2500 Burdett Road, in College Park, Georgia. The event offers something for everyone, with a diverse lineup of speakers as well as performances from artists such as Uncle Reece and Worship Mode, Jordan L’Oreal and the hot new artist lineup from Restorical Entertainment. There will be panels, workshops and other activities designed to demonstrate the relevance of God’s Word and the impact it can make on the futures of our young people. Of Special interest this year will be a special impartation session for young men entitled “The Man Cave,” where a panel of male mentors will take questions and share nuggets of wisdom with young make attendees in an intimate setting.

Session times are 10:00 am, 2:00 pm and 7:00 pm daily. Seating is limited and registration packages start at only $10, so visit World Changers 2015 Cause Effect Conference and register today! This event is a great investment in the youth and young adult ministries in your church or outreach. Join us as we investigate the relationship between Cause and Effect…