Are You of the Works of the Law or Are You of Faith Pt 2

8 September 2019


God has made many promises to us, but unless we understand the difference between works of the law and works of faith, we will never be able to receive those promises. In light of the finished works of Jesus, it is useless to try to get God to do what He has already done. Religion has conditioned us to think according to Mosaic Law, which says that if we do good, we get good, and if we do bad, we get bad. However, if we want to be righteous in God’s sight, we must put self-effort to death. We get to heaven not by our own efforts, but by faith in Jesus and what He did on our behalf. Trying to keep the law always results in curses; abandoning our efforts to do this, and instead believing what has already been done, causes manifestations of God’s blessings. Steadfastly maintaining our faith during every situation, good or bad, brings the promises to pass.

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