The Contrast Between Law by Moses vs. Grace by Jesus Pt. 2

16 October 2019


There are major differences between the law and grace; the quality of our Christian lives depends on correctly analyzing those contrasts. Under the law, the focus was on man’s performance and what the people could do to get something from God. Under grace, the focus is on what Jesus did, and our belief in it. We must not confuse performing to get what Jesus has already done with performing to activate the authority that He has given us. It is actually sinful to rely on our own efforts to earn our righteousness when Jesus has already made us righteous by faith. God has declared us holy and sanctified because we are in Christ; there is therefore no need to earn our holiness and sanctification when we can receive it by faith. Moving from the old dispensation of the law to the new dispensation of grace allows God to transform us from the inside out and change our lives.

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